What is a PTC program?

PTC (paid-to-click), programs are basically a form of advertising for companies trying to promote their products & services. PTC programs are a simple and easy way to make a few extra bucks online, as they don’t require any special skills or knowledge, and all you need to do is spend a few minutes each day clicking on Ads & Links.

How do PTC programs actually work?

The process is rather simple…Just like when Companies buy TV Advertising in hopes of reaching their target market, there are many Companies which will pay for people to visit their website directly, which helps to promote their business, products or services. When you become a member of a PTC program, you will be paid for each visit to an advertiser’s website.

PTW (stands for Paid To Watch) is a website which pays you to the money to watch sponsored websites (advertisements) for 15-30 seconds. Depending on the website you can make up to 0.02$ per every sponsored video you vide (I know it sounds nothing, but keep reading and you will see the read earning potential).

These sites usually have 20-40 ads to videos per day, so it means that this way of working from home is not time consuming as others. The main advantages of PTW (get paid to) are:

  1. No obligation to work every day or refer friends in order to cashout
  2. This method can be used by people from all over the world
  3. Secure payments to your PayPal/AlertPay accounts
  4. Referral commissions are really high (up to 100%)
  5. Low time requirement (25 minutes a day)

How To Start Earning:

I’m not sure if everyone uses the same way of watching videos and earning money as me, but I’m trying to spend less time and view more ads. I use some applications which make registering and watching video advertising easy.

As far as there are over 20 or ever 30 honest paid to watch sites on the market, so it’s really hard to view movie ads one by one. My secret is to use the multiple tabs in Firefox, this way you can watch up to 20 movies per minute (actually I can do 40 ads per minute). But before we start, lets just calculate the approximate amount of earned money. I will calculate using such stats: 0.005$ per movie view, 25 movies a day, 50% referral commission, 10 ptw websites. These stats are lower then common ones, so expect to earn more

» You watch 25 movies per day on 10 websites= 25*0.005*10=1.25$
» 35 referrals view 25 films per day on 10 websites = $21.875
» Your daily earnings = $23.125
» Your weekly earnings = $161.875
» Your monthly earnings = $693.75

Sounds good? It can get even better as I show you how to get a lot of referrals and give you a list of trusted PTW sites. Lets start then.

Step 1: Register a PayPal and AlertPay account. It’s vital, because these are the only cashout options supported by PTW (get paid to) sites.These are easy to get from any country of the world.

Step 2: Online security online is a big issue nowadays, so it’s better to use FireFox

Step 3: We want to keep your make money online accounts and personal accounts separated. So I highly recommend to create new Gmail account.

Step 4: To automate the process of registration on paid to view sites, you will need to download free Roboform. What is does, it fills in the registration forms with a push of a button. When you download and install it, add the toolbar to your Firefox browser and tune it up just like this:

Person: Name (Only First);

Authentication: Favorite User ID, Favorite Password;

Custom: Field Name: Username and fill in your Username in the next box, email : and your email (Gmail)

Step 5: The most important part of the process. Pick the best PTW (paid to watch) sites and register. I’m running a separate category for PTW sites. I monitor them a lot, so you’d better visit the category and register at ~10 sites to start with.

Top Paid To Watch Sites

Step 6: As I have told about working in multiple tabs. It’s actually easy, you’ve got to watch one ad on all 10 sites and wait for 30 seconds, then do everything all over again. It shouldn’t take more then 25 minutes a day for 10-15 sites.

The hotkeys you can use to open ads :

  • CTRL+Left-Mouse Click –> Open ad in new tab
  • CTRL+T –>Open New Tab
  • Alt+Tab –> Switch between browser tabs
  • CTRL+W –>Close Current Tab

Here are some tips for better earning:

  • Use Roboform to register on all sites and log in
  • Work in multiple browser tabs
  • Watch the video on how I do it
  • Pick only the best PTW (get paid to) sites, check back to see if all the sites are paying
  • Attract more and more referrals to your downline. The more you have, the easier it’s to earn.

Good ideas to attract a lot of referrals are:

  1. Start a blogger blog and answer questions at Answers.Yahoo.com
  2. Digg and submit your site to social sites
  3. Do some posting on forums and attach your blog url to the signature
  4. Tell your friends about this way of earning

Conclusion: GPT is the easiest and working way of making money online. With minimal time requirement, you can make a lot of money in a very short period. If you have money to invest, you can buy referrals, which will give you 100% profit. Personally, I’m working for some get paid to sites, and my earnings are well above 100$ a month on every site, and I don’t have that much referrals.

Good luck, any comments are appreciated. We are working on a video to show you the whole process. Stay tuned for new updates and new paid to view ads websites.