My Advertising Pays – How It Works

MyAdvertisingPays is ahead of the online advertising trend that is projected to grow for years to come. We provide the platform that taps directly into online advertising industry and brings several different income generating resources back to you. In addition, our site is set up to funnel profits to a reserve fund in such a way that ensures level payouts will continue. We want all our participants to earn round the clock without the rises and falls that extinguish sites with similar models. Our mathematics work because our experts studied the industry in-depth to make sure we didn’t make the same mistakes that caused our competitors to disappear. Our products work because we have a real in demand product that advertisers want to use. Our plan was to ensure long-term success and increased payouts based on quality products and services and not new sign-ups, and we are excelling in every area.

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Best Ways to Get Direct Referrals for PTC Sites

Direct referrals are the backbone of your PTC income.

Getting direct referrals is perhaps one of the most important factors to remember as long as you take PTC sites as your main source of online income.

PTC sites are the sites where you get paid to view advertisements. Of course, you can’t expect to earn a lot of money from these PTC sites.

You can surely make it easy for you to earn significant amount of money if you know how to get direct referrals. Neobux is undoubtedly the most popular PTC site. You can use these methods to get direct referrals for Neobux also.

Because it is very difficult to earn good amount of money if you don’t get enough direct referrals. Here are some of the best direct referrals strategies to follow.

-Create a Blog to Promote Your Ptc Sites

This is perhaps the most used and the best method to make referrals. Because if your blog visitors come organically from Google search, you can expect them to be interested in this PTC subject.

If you have a well designed blog that discusses about the benefits of joining the PTC sites you recommend, it would not be very difficult to get good number of referrals. If your blog is well designed and it attracts organic visitors, your blog will become your primary source of getting direct referrals.

Provide your blog visitors some valuable insights and just help them make confident decisions. Write in your own words and don’t fill up all your blog with only PTC ads. If you do that, it may get you some referrals. But how long they are going to be active is a big question.

To be active, they need to understand the importance of being active. And you have the responsibility to make them understand it. So you have now learnt how to get direct referrals on Neobux or PTC sites easily.

Because maintaining a blog doesn’t require lots of effort and it will continuously get your more direct referrals. It will help you make more money from Neobux or any other PTC sites. Just take action.

Create Videos to Promote Your Ptc Sites

Youtube is the most famous video uploading site now online. It is also quite easy to rank a Youtube video in Google search results. Google tends to give good ranking for Youtube as Google owns Youtube. What you need is to create an interesting video and upload it to Youtube.

Ask your friends and family to watch it. Share your video to online forums or other video sharing sites and ask people to make comments on your videos.

If they like your video, they would like to share what they think about it. As a result, they will start making comments on your videos.

When your videos will start getting comments and more views, Google will see its activity. If your video is making people interact with your video and forcing them their thoughts as comments, Google would think your video is interesting.

As a result, you will get good ranking in Google search. When your video will start showing up in Google search results, you will automatically generate more direct referrals. Don’t forget to use your referral links in video descriptions.

It may sound like a lot of hard work. But it’s not. It doesn’t take long to create a video and upload it to YouTube. Some promotions would do wonders. People are getting hundreds of referrals everyday just doing this.

Advertise Your Referral Links

You can advertise your referral links in classified sites or even other PTC sites. Of course, it will cost you some money. But in the long run, it works really well.

Truly one of the best ways to get highly active referrals is joining other PTC sites where you are not already a member. Most PTC sites would let you advertise using your own earnings. And that’s what you actually need here.

Since PTC users already know how these sites work and how to make money on these sites, it is ten times better to advertise on PTCs than any other advertising networks. Because the ROI or the Return On Investment is pretty high.

You should have success with most of your campaigns; most of the times.

But when it comes to getting really good referrals, I highly recommend you that you join Clixsense if you are not already a member. This is a highly legitimate PTC site just like Neobux and advertising on it works like a charm.

Most of ClixSense users are highly active and very willing to work. It’s running for pretty long time since 2007.

As an advertising platform, this is a wonderful choice or you may even use it like any other PTC sites just to increase your earnings by viewing ads.

You may Click Here to Visit Clixsense.

Don’t forget to make an account if you don’t already have one. It’s totally free and just takes a two minutes of your time to sign up.

Once you join, don’t forget to activate your account by viewing all the available ads. You just need $1.10 in your earnings to use their advertising system.

However, the minimum amount required to advertise might change in future.

Please understand that all PTC sites don’t work the same way and also don’t have the same type of users. So you really need focus on only the best options available to you.

Also people are known to have made hundreds of dollars using their 8 levels referrals program which is not available anywhere in the ptc industry.

Of course, there are more advanced ways to get direct referrals like sharing your referral links on forums, making blog comments and a lot more.

But for that you need to do some hard work. These strategies described here are already being used by thousands of people to get direct referrals on Neobux or other PTC sites. Now it’s your time to take action and don’t waste your time.

Use Traffic Exchanges to Get Referrals

You can also use traffic exchange sites to get direct referrals. Traffic exchange sites basically give you an opportunity to get traffic to a new site.

The basic concept is very simple. You need to surf sites of other members and make points. As a result, they will surf yours.

Traffic exchange sites work great if you use them in the right way.

This system allows you to get FREE traffic to your Referral Links or Blogs. Join some of the best traffic exchange sites and use them on a regular basis.

One of my personal favorites is,

They even share their revenue with active members & it’s FREE to join.

Another important one that deserves a mention is EasyHits4U. The most interesting part is that it pays its members for just surfing sites. How cool! You are getting traffic, referrals as well as money.

Click Here to Visit EasyHits4U

Remember to surf at least 100 sites to fully activate your account. Once you activate your account, you are also eligible to make money for just surfing.

So if you spend some time every day to surf sites there, you get some money as well as visitors to your referral links. They provide 1:1 Exchange Ratio, Manual Surfing, 5-Tier Referral Program. If used properly, EasyHits4U works really well for getting direct referrals as well as some additional income.

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How To Make Money With Twitter

If you are a Twitter user, you can use this platform to make money. You should be good at marketing yourself, marketing for others and staying in touch with trends and current events. This article will tell you how to earn money using Twitter.
Make Money with twitter


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For Your Consideration – Custom Website Design and its Benefits

One of the biggest advantages you can do for you business is to get a custom website design. Without a custom website design, potential customers won’t even give your company’s website a second look. For the best possible results, hiring a custom website design company or a custom website design freelancer to create your company’s website is ideal. A custom website design will undoubtedly produce the best possible results for your company’s profits.

To reach a growing number of customers, professional website designs will broaden your marketing horizons. Not only can you reach more people with your custom website design, but it also gives your business a more professional reputation that your customers will feel comfortable with. Your page’s website design is often the only impression potential customers will get of your business until they contact you, so a custom website design is vital for making them want to return. Aside from that, a custom website design will help you compete against other companies that offer similar products and services.

Another option — in addition to business website designs — is getting a custom website design. Custom website designs include more creativity and uniqueness than your typical business site. For one-of-a-kind website design, freelance designers are your best option. They will work closely with you to find out your individual preferences in regards to the particular custom website design that you want. While custom website designs may not have the same appearance as professional website designs, they will surely stick out in the memories of potential customers.

If you cannot afford to have a website design company or a website design freelancer create a page for your business, you can find a wide-array of software programs to help you. Many website design software programs are designed to help individuals with no experience create their own business website designs and professional web site designs. These are an inexpensive alternative to hiring a company, but you will not get custom web site designs from a software program. Generally, website design software programs will have several options and templates that you can choose from. This inhibits your individual preferences and creativity which means your website design will be the same as many others.

Website design is not something for amateurs if they have a serious business to promote. To get a competitive edge in the business world, your best option is to hire a website design company or freelancer to create a professional, custom website design that stands out to potential customers. With a freelancer, you can have a great deal of input and have a unique design specifically made for your business. Any extra advantage you can gain over your competitors will prove beneficial to your bottom line.

Lee Hopkins the author of over 130 articles on business communication, and is recognised world-wide as one of Australia’s leading experts in online business communication, including Social Media or Web2.0 as it’s also known as.

To connect with him, please call him on +61 8121 4444 any hour of the day or night; if he’s asleep you can leave a voice message!

Visit his site at to find many more articles on business communication. Whilst there, why not pick up a complimentary copy of his ‘Social Media White Paper’, which explains all about this latest seismic change to the business communication landscape!

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Which Web Hosting is Best For You?

The question of finding the best web hosting is always the top priority in a users mind. Finding the best provider is often a hard ordeal because of the overloading information and companies out there to choose from. Different people have different purposes to build a website and that is why the best hosting for me is not the best one for someone else.

A website serves as a place where someone can express his ideas. He or she can post stories, images or even set up an interactive area. It is a virtual space that exist in the internet for you to so whatever you like. If you are thinking of opening up a store, you can open one with a shop which needs to be bought or rented. So, the same thing can be done with web hosting but the price to do it is extremely cheaper than having a real shop made of bricks.

Having a domain is the first step of building your website followed by a subscription to a web hosting company. Different motives of website will require different providers. So, think deep for the purpose of your website so that you can find a web host that can meet your requirements. No matter what, you need to have a hosting company to make your website visible to the internet audience.

On the other hand, if your website is only for picture and photo posting, you will good enough with a free hosting service. There are many free providers nin the market which you can choose. Most providers will be very user-friendly and even users with no internet knowledge can cope. But, free service does have its limitation like limited web space and bandwidth. It will also have advertisements appearing on your website. Some providers like Geocities do let you close the as when you enter the website but I don’t about other free providers. You just have to test them out to find out.

For those who want to build a professional website, you don’t have to worry about burning a whole in your pocket because there are companies that provide fairly cheap services. Providers like GoDaddy and are good examples. You can get hosting plans for as cheap as $12 per year. Although cheap, they are also equipped with a lot of features. So, there is plenty of room for creativity that you can do to your website.

So, you can see that selecting the best web hosting service for your upcoming website may look difficult but it isn’t really the case. This is because companies have made things easier for users because of the increasing newcomers into the industry. Therefore, as long as you can type and click with the mouse, there is absolutely no reason not to start a website.

Ever heard of Fat Cow Hosting? For those who are starting off in the web hosting, I would recommend you to check out on their hosting plan as I believe they are one of the best. For detail Fatcow reviews, visit

Article by Justin Knights, freelance writer.

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To Hire or Not to Hire a Website Designer

In the early years of the internet the actual design of a website was either very basic or had to be done using a software package that needed a specialist to use it. Not surprisingly, website designers were in short supply and could command huge fees for their services. All that has changed dramatically and website design is not such a complicated procedure as you might think.

The actual look and feel of a website is more down to personal preferences than current design trends. Internet users want websites that are nice to look at, sure, but they are much more concerned with the ease of use of a website. If a visitor to your professionally designed website cannot find the information that they are looking for quickly and easily they will go elsewhere.

Website designers [] are similar to fashion designers. Quite often the designs that they come up with are totally impractical or outrageously expensive. Unless you have absolutely no idea of what theme you want applied to your website such as colours and styles you do not need to hire the services of a website designer but can produce the basic outline yourself. Obviously the technical aspects of your website requires an expert but it is becoming more common for website builders to be concerned more with how the site works rather than the aesthetic side of it.

There are a number of free website building

sites [] around these days and these can be a great way for you to play with your design ideas without the expense of hiring a professional. You can also buy relatively cheap software that can produce fairly complex website designs quickly and simply. Drag and drop website design software has become extremely popular. There are also many programs that you can produce your website design with and have it converted to html for uploading to your website.

Personally I have had experience of both sides of the coin. The worst experience was when I was working as a website copywriter for a guy, who shall remain nameless! I first became involved in his website project after he had paid a large sum to a website design team. To be honest, I hated the design that they had produced for the website and it seemed to have taken them an extortionate length of time to produce static pages. The design of a website is very much a personal preference but I was not the only one that hated this particular design. So, the guy decided to hire another person, just for the design while the technical side of his website was being sorted out. He thought it would be easy to apply a different style to the website but he was wrong! The second design seemed to cause problems for the tech guy and eventually had to be dropped. Now on his THIRD website design the website owner decided to find a company who could perform both the design and build aspects of his website. Finally he found a website professional who could deal with both. Unfortunately he had invested so much money in the failed designs that he ended up being unable to fund the final website and the whole project was shelved.

The best advice I can give is that you should be extremely careful if you are hiring two different companies to produce the design and the technical aspects of your site. The two must be able to interact with each other and use the file formats that each other produce. Don’t be deceived into thinking that you have to employ a design professional when you may well be able to do it yourself, cheaper and to your complete satisfaction.

My name is Erika Pilkington and I hope you enjoyed this article. I have much more information at my website [].

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TOTAL TRAI TOTA TT for Website Design 152018493 – 152018493

If you live in a fantasy world or wish you did, this handy decorating item is something you are sure to love. This Trompe L’ Oeil (“Fool The Eye”) mural will add instant brillant charm to any room. You’ll feel like you could just climb up on the handsome steed and ride off into a fantasy! Measures approximately 52″W x 53″H. This mural is pre-pasted and quick to apply. Full instructions included. You will be amazed at how one of these murals will totally change the look of a room. These are ideal for decorating apartments, rentals, and dorm rooms where permanent versions are not practical.


Click here to buy from Amazon

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Website Promotion Membership

Your one stop affiliate link and website promotional hub. Solo Ad Submitter, Major Search Engine Submitter,Classified Ad Submitter, Banner Ad Submitter, and free marketing tool down loads.

Check it out!

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Building Websites with WordPress

How-to eBook on Building Websites using WordPress fast, easy and cheap

Check it out!

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Grow Website Traffic

75% commission. Grow Website Traffic using 10 Simple Ways To Drive More Traffic which teaches anyone how to drive massive traffic to your website and explode your sales

Check it out!

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